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Parent's Evening Feedback Oct 2016

We had 39 responses to our survey.

97% are confident that children are happy and making progress.

95% feel the written reports support home learning.

97% feel school is well led and managed.

We asked you to comment on the strengths of the school. These were your responses.

The school provides a really caring, inclusive, and supportive environment. Children are treated as individuals and are taught to have self belief and determination in all aspects of their education. The weekly newsletter is really helpful, ensuring that parents feel informed and involved in school life. The staff team are fantastic and work hard to support the school values. I also feel very lucky that our children and parents have a head teacher who is so approachable and accessible, and so obviously passionate about ensuring that the school is the best that it can be. 

Warm and friendly A lovely caring environment they gives lots of support to the children.  Community spirit Inclusive, caring environment with excellent teaching and support staff.  Friendly , helpful, caring. All teachers are really positive
Social learnings and team work  Friendly , approachable, diverse Inclusive and fantastic at building confidence

Friendly, supportive, warm, positive

Fabulous staff and kids love to come to school. Nurturing the children
Great communication The way each child is enabled to blossom. My little girl feels completely loved and accepted here Environment, opportunities for extra curricular, teachers, headteacher Positivity in the children Inclusive, listening Small size, focus on kids
Happy, friendly, and welcoming staff  Excellent inclusion Warm and welcoming The holistic approach to education and that every teacher knows my children.    

We asked you to suggest areas for improvement.

Communication- advance notice of events

We now send weekly newsletters reminding parents of upcoming events.

 The website calendar is updated weekly.

Any issues with bullying should be dealt with more swiftly  We take all allegations of bullying seriusly. We are in the process of reviewing our Behaviour and Anti-bullying policy and will upload our new policy as soon as it is complete. 
Better quality food at lunch  Warrington School Meals have employed a developmental chef to work with kitchen staff to develop a more sustainable menu using local producers.
A buddy system for reception and year 6 children At present we buddy all pupils from Y1-Y6. EYFS wil be included in the process from January 2017.
Address parking at pick up and drop off Parking is an ongoing issue. We have an agreement with the Star pub to use their car park at the beginning and end of the school day. We have a new community police officer who is working with us to try and resolve the issue and our Junior Safety Officers are working with pupils to suggest alternative solutions to the problem.
Less half days for new starters We revised our transition arrangements for new starters last year but are reluctant to change as current arrangements give staff the best opportunity to make accurate baseline judgements within the first two weeks of children starting. It also gives greater opportunity for parents to talk in depth about their children with all EYFS staff.
More sport sessions after school perhaps Currently we participate in a rolling programme of sports competitions each Monday at Lymm High School. We also offer lunchtime clubs of netball, football and multi sports and running. We offer karate, multi sports and gymnastics before school and we offer two multi sports clubs, zumba and gymnastics after school. At present we do not have capacity to offer any additional sports sessions after school.








Assessment Survey Jan 2016

Thankyou for your responses to our recent survey. The outcomes have been used to inform the content of an Assessment Information Evening for all parents on Wednesday 2nd March 6-6.30pm in the school hall. This will explain the national changes to assessment procedures and what this means for your children. We hope to see you there.

66% of respondents are aware of recent National Curriculum changes.

33%  are aware of the effect of changes on their children.

83% know how to support learning at home.

100% feel able to approach staff for guidance and information.

33% are aware assessment levels have changed.

16% know what assessment without levels means.

94% understand the information given about children's academic performance.

54% receive enough information about progress and attainment.

Parents Evening feedback, October 2015

We had 70 responses.Here are some of your views on the strengths of Statham School. 


All teachers really know children and children are appreciated as individuals. Thank you!   
Caring about each child as individual clearly know each child very well. Friendly and welcoming. Good communication with parents and make you feel like always open to discuss things. Transparent and trustworthy ethos. 

Children take responsibility for their learning. Caring, positive staff who know the children. Children talk positively about learning, teachers and generally being at school. Staff obviously work hard and care about the children. 
  Very supportive and available as required to meet and discuss kids care. I feel it's a lovely school with a fantastic teachers. No suggestion for improvement at this stage. 
I am thrilled I have my children in such a good learning environment    Holistic approach, caring happy environment, head teacher knows every child.
This is a very nurturing school, and the teachers do an excellent job of getting the best out of each child. Thank you for all your hard work.   Our daughter spent the last
week of summer looking forward to going back to school. Every day she has something to look forward to whether it is forest school, Vikings project...this school is a place she wants to be and is the centre of her world with all it's customs, characters and issues. This is the strength.

Good all round school getting the balance right between academic studies, creative and sporting activities.


Very dedicated to the children's educational needs.

Just keep up the good work.



Website Feedback, October 2015

You said the website is... 

friendly, informative, inviting, fresh, neat, straightforward, easy, clean, approachable, fun, colourful, professional, happy, child-friendly, outstanding, modern, personal, smart, creative, interesting, clear, welcoming, accessible, concise, user friendly, brilliant, well constructed, nurturing

We had 73 reponse and 94% of respondents find the website easy to navigate.

Thank you for your suggestions to further improve communication. This is what we have done in response.

Add class pages Class pages will show weekly timetables , and current learning.
Include more photographs of learning in action The gallery section will have updated photographs of school and extra curricular learning.
Child friendly E safety page
Our internet safety button now has links to child friendly sites.
Printable forms

All forms are held within the school office section of the parent information button.
Curriculum Information The curriculum tab within the parent information button holds policy and learning information for all subjects and classes.
Parent feedback button We have a parent feedback box where you can add your views.
Spell Check. We have appointed a proof reader to ensure mistakes are kept to a minimum.
Boast about Statham ! We are so proud of our school and pupils as you are and now have designated staff and parent members who will ensure our achievements are shared with the community through press releases.

EYFS/Y1 Curriculum Meeting September 2015

Your Feedback...

We found the EYFS evening really informative and it gave us a great starting point to help support our child's learning. The phonics information was especially helpful to us as it's something we're unfamiliar with and thanks to the information evening, we can hopefully better support our child when learning to read and write.

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