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Premier Sport & Statham Community Primary School Delivery Statement

Premier Sport’s role in school is to become an extension of the teaching staff and help enrich the schools PE & sport by offering a wide breadth of activities and opportunities for children, such as competitions, different sports & games and also community club links to create pathways for children to engage in more activities within the wider community as well as school. We encourage children to be physically active and healthy via fun, innovative sessions that engage all pupils and support teachers by offering activity ideas to help increase confidence in delivering PE and sport lessons.We are proud to be able to contribute and engage positively with schools, teachers, children and wider community partners through our work as an external provider of physical activity and school sport.

Our aim is to inspire all children in schools in a number of ways to:

1.Improve the quality and breadth of PE and sporting provision

Examples of how we do this include – using our bespoke SoW to plan and deliver enjoyable, inclusive lessons, to engage and motivate children and support teachers to increase their activity ideas and confidence.

2.Increase participation levels in PE & sport

Examples of how we do this include – Delivering accessible lunch time activities and being positive, approachable  role models for the children to encourage them to ‘have a go’ It is also important for pupils to have a voice therefore we complete annual pupil feedback forms to help shape the provision offer.

3.Engage with all pupils to support their adoption of healthy lifestyles

Examples of how we do this include- As above, as positive role models we highlight that being fit and healthy is fun. During our sessions we educate children to raise awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyles such as asking questions around why we

4.Involve pupils in reaching performance levels they are capable of in sport.

Examples of how we do this include – We encourage children to be the ‘best they can be’ and we differentiate sessions accordingly so that they are appropriately pitched for the ability of each child, equally engaging all participants.

We measure our impact using the agreed provision impact table, regular meetings with the subject leader, online assessments and attendance stats and an annual pupil feedback questionnaire.

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