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Statham Primary School

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Positive Mental Health

Great school, amazing teachers and teaching assistants. TA’s are such a massive asset, my girls love them. Really enjoying the social events being back on. Thanks to the whole team !

Brilliant year for my child. Great teachers Brilliant support with Sats.

The class teacher always makes my child feel special and has acted quickly upon concerns raised. 

The head teacher is always championing children and her enthusiasm and passion is so clear to see.

The perfect school for my child. They are allowed and encouraged to be themselves within a clear and fair framework, learning is fun and engaging, there's a strong sense of belonging to the school community, triumphs are celebrated whilst things that aren't going so well are used as positive markers for future development.

Excellent school. Nurturing resilience

The reading workshop for parents was very well received.

We love the nurturing culture the school has.

Statham provides an environment where every child feels safe, valued, heard and part of a community with clear expectations of its members, a solid foundation upon which pupils can build their skill sets and identities.

The teachers are great and always put the children first and foremost in everything they do.

My child’s teachers are amazing and have supported our children's additional needs.

There appears to be a good balance of allowing the children to grow at their pace whilst maintaining structures and meeting goals.

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