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Statham Primary School

KS2 SATS week runs from Tuesday 9th May until Friday12th May. We will be providing a continental breakfast for all Y6 children from 815am and would encourage all children to take up this offer. Children will be offered cereals, toast/ croissant, tea/ coffee/ juice. This gives the children dedicated time each morning to talk to staff and share any worries or nerves they may have about the day. There is no charge for the breakfast but we do ask that you confirm attendance in advance. The plan for the week is as follows

Tuesday 9th - Grammar and Punctuation 45 mins/ Spelling 20 mins

Wednesday 10th- Reading -60 mins

Thursday 11th- Maths Arithmetic 30 mins/ Maths Reasoning 40 mins

Friday 12th May- Maths Reasoning 40 mins

KS1 SATS take place during a flexible two week period in May. 

  • May 2023: KS1 English Reading Test Paper 1
  • May 2023: KS1 English Reading Test Paper 2
  • May 2023: KS1 English SPaG Test – Grammar/Punctuation
  • May 2023: KS1 English SPaG Test- Spelling
  • May 2023: KS1 Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic)
  • May 2023: KS1 Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning)


From September 2023 KS1 SATs will be made non-statutory as per the government announcement in 2017. This means that schools will be able to decide whether or not they administer them, but until this date pupils will continue to sit SATs in Year 2.

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