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Bullying – Information For Children

Bullying Is:

When someone keeps on hurting or upsetting you on purpose. Not simply ‘falling out’ with someone.Not a ‘one off’ thing (but tell us if you are upset)


If You Are Being Bullied:

Try to stay calm and look as confident as you can (we know that this is hard!)Be firm and clear.  Tell the bully to stop.Get away from the situation as quickly as possible.Tell an adult straight away (or a friend who you trust, or put a note in your worry box). 


After You Have Been Bullied:

Tell a teacher or another adult in your school. You could ask a friend to come with you.Tell your family.Don’t blame yourself for what has happened. The bully is to blame.


When You Are Talking To An Adult About Bullying, Try to Be Clear About

What has happened to you
How often it has happened

Who was involved

Who saw what was happening / where it happened

What have you done about it already

If You Know That Another Child Is Being Bullied

Tell an adult straight away.

Be a good friend and look out for that child.

Perhaps fill out an ‘I’m Worried About Someone Form’ or an ‘E-Safety Form’ for cyber bullying.

You could put a note in the ‘Worry Box.’






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