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Happiness Workshops

Here are a some of the comments from the children following the workshops.

The happiness workshop taught us different techniques to calm us down and make us smile. 

I use the finger exercise when I can't sleep. 

We love the happiness jar and we have introduced in into our lunchtime cabin club. 

Everyone uses the techniques at home and in school. 

When I was having problems at home, I used the breathing exercises. It really helped. 

The exercises clear your mind of rubbish so it will really help us when we are doing our SATS. 

It really helped when Jo taught us to recognise our own feelings and to be thankful and glad for what we have.

Jo is amazing. She is never sad and she has such a positive outlook on life. She is a great role model and she makes us happy. Her smile is contagious. 

I'm glad that Jo made us happy and I think all children would benefit from these exercises. 

Jo was a really nice person and she made me feel special. 

I love her personality and she was easy to listen to as she has a very calm voice.

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