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2020.21 School Council

A warm welcome  from our school council. We were elected by our friends because we care about our school and have lots of ideas about how to make our school the best it can be. We enjoy helping out and we are great communicators. Team work is essential for our role as well as the ability to plan and organise ideas and events. 

Captain Sir Tom's 100 Challenge

School Council plan a termly fundraising calendar and are always keen to support local charities.

We were approached by Warrington Youth Club who are raising money for  a Buddy Up programme for young people with additional needs aged 7 to 18 and who are at risk of becoming socially isolated, to help boost their independence skills, develop their resilience, and enhance their emotional wellbeing. The children were inspired by Captain Tom’s story and were keen to support vulnerable young people who may have been adversely affected by COVID 19.

Some of the challenges included 100 sit up's,100 lego models, 100 minute silence, reading 100 pages of a book, 100 trampoline jumps, 100 star jumps, baking 100 cookies, 100 compliments, 100 wildlife photos, 100 scooter bunny hops, 100 cricket runs, listening to100 songs.

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