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Thinking Around a Social Context Curriculum

Our TASC concept is built around the principle of greater learner involvement and independence using Growth Mindset principles. It requires deep thinking and flexibility and encourages learners to focus not so much on the what but on the how.  We aim to build independent enquirers, reflective learners, creative thinkers, team workers, self managers and effective participators who have the skills to enquire, problem solve, apply knowledge, evaluate and reflect. 


We are constantly reviewing our practice in light of parental feedback. We have recently discussed our homework policy and the impact homework has on children’s organisation, learning and enjoyment of the curriculum. With this in mind and taking into account your recent views from school questionnaires we would like to revise our homework policy.

Homework is a controversial subject and we aim to ensure the balance is right so that children develop good learning habits to aid their education in the future whilst still having time to enjoy and pursue their own interests during their primary years.

Our main homework priority for all children is reading. We expect all children to engage in approximately 20 minutes of reading each day. Children in KS1 will have the opportunity of taking home up to 5 books per week with the emphasis on reading for enjoyment and comprehension. Children in KS2 will have books selected by the class teacher or may independently choose from the 100 Club. All children should keep a reading log which will be signed daily by parents and which will be checked weekly by the class teacher. Any children who are unable to read daily at home will be given an additional opportunity within school to do so as part of a weekly home reading catch up club.

EYFS children will receive a sound book which will give them the opportunity to consolidate phonic knowledge. (More information will be given at the EYFS Reading meeting 10.10.17 6pm)

Children in Y1, Y3. Y4 and Y5 can access a range of extended learning activities through DB Class Pages.

Children can log on to www.statham.warrington.dbprimary.com using their secure password to access learning to support and extend classroom teaching.

Class teachers will monitor children’s engagement and may use this platform to offer opportunities to embed and consolidate individual learning.

In order to support Y2 and Y6 children with formal testing expectations, and in addition to reading we will supply a range of text books which will give children greater exposure to the types of formal questions expected of them. Staff will direct children via Ping as to the weekly expectations for tasks.

There are no sanctions for any children who do not engage with homework. We understand that many of our children have busy after school schedules but we would expect all families to engage with our reading expectations.

We will conduct a formal review of our new procedures during November with both parents and children.

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